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Do you want to play soccer but dont want to go out your house?...

This is your Minecraft Map.

Here we have a giant soccer stadium!

Real Madrid - F.C Barcelona

2-10 players!

In this map we have a giant soccer stadium!

How to play:

10 players choose: Barcelona or Real Madrid.

The players have to equip their personalized uniform and wooden sword (enchanted with knockback)

In the center of stadium one player have to push a button, so the match starts. In the center will summon a turtle (NO ANIMAL ABUSE) the players have to score goal in the opponent porter's lodge.

The first team to score 3 goals win the match.


play in adventure mode

dont use mods

dont kill


there is a pressure plate somewhere in the map that will tp you for an amazing aereal views.


Download: Download Here!

Published: 2019-08-08 17:54:55

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Creator: PinchCiscoXx

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Tags: Custom Terrain .mcworld

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