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Bald Basics is a horror map which based on a horror game Baldi Basics in education and learning

Story: School is out but your friend he has a problem he left all his notebook in the school but he doesn't have time to do it because if he does he'll be late for eating practice to help him you must go back to the school and find all 9 notebooks for him but it not easy to do it Baldi love challenging his students answers all 3 questions correctly and you earn prize

How to play:

+Your main objectives are finding all 9 buttons to collect 9 notebooks while being chasing by Baldi your teacher

Twitter: BendyDemon18

YouTube: Bendy the Demon18

Note: This map took longer than I thought. Anyway hope you enjoyed it. And also can you guys tell me should make Bendy Game horror map the previous series if you guys wanted me to make it then comment down below  so I can see map


Published: 2018-07-09 10:09:46

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Creator: BendytheDemon18

Downloads: 807

Tags: .mcworld .mctemplate

Category: Maps