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Now.If u Bored at faithful u always use.U can use this . With Better animation block, and new sky if u wanna turn off "Render clouds" In setting ,A shader Very low for low device
Sorry at my grammar

Origin :
Edit by Fury
*Cross Hair edit by myself not from Custom Crosshair so dont be mean*
With Funny mob : Pig,Chicken.villagers
Only 32x32 >_<
Better Grass block
Twiiter :
Updated July 15 2018
New Axe,
Morden Door , My head :)
Next Update:
Maybe will have Custom Cross Hair
(Dot, CrossHair X, Better CrossHair Edit By Fury )

Download: Better FaithFul

Published: 2018-07-05 12:56:44

Updated: 2018-07-26 23:13:45

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Creator: FuryNightMare

Downloads: 157

Tags: .mcpack

Category: Texture Packs