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This is an update to the map Blu's Minigame Map which adds in a ton of new stuff and fixes a lot of old stuff.
List of additions:
*XP shops
*New weapons, gadgets and traps
*New Disaster in the disaster minigame
*Showdown mode in mob seige
*Lunar New Year Special:- Fireworks Dispenser in lobby and a new spell Abra-Ca-Repulse (Replaces Magic).
*Reworked Arenas: Abandoned Lab Arena(replaces dead night) has been added.
*Hide and seek should now work.Players now stay in adventure mode.
*Disasters are now a tiny bit harder.
* Increased chances of multiple disasters happening.
*Disasters minigame now does not effect players in lobby.(Tested)
*Moved stuff in lobby 1. Things are now less crampy.
*Prices in shops now makes sense.Finally fixed the shops.
*No more stairs to go up in the shop. Now you can use the fancy teleporter.
*Room of wisdom: Second Floor(More Reading)
*Fixed a ton of minor mistakes in the commands(I can't even remember what I fixed).

Make sure you read the patch notes and have a happy lunar new year.
Twitter:- @BluFlyaway1

Download: Blu'sMinigame

Published: 2018-02-04 15:01:39

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