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Brookfield is a creation that has began construction in mid-2016. However as I built the city, the build fell out and into my interests many times, but the city is quite large in size, meaning that there is lots to explore.
The city includes:
- three freeways,
- four railway lines (some are underground) with four stations
- several parks
- many, many skyscrapers
- a football stadium
- a developing construction site

However there are many undeveloped tracts of land around the city which could be built on the inspiration off my designs, or to one’s tastes and likings.

(Please note that the interchange of the freeway and the road have ramps are inserted incorrectly for whatever reason. I have no idea what caused it and I have spent nearly half an hour fixing it through the entire city though there are exceptions. Don’t feel sorry.)

Download: Brookfield Mini City 1.0

Published: 2017-12-13 15:12:18

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Creator: The-Sixth-Hour

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