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Warning: this map is in Spanish.

Capturing the flag RGB is a bit different from the common CTF. This has a somewhat peculiar point system:

-Capture the green flag: it will give you 5 points.

-Capture the enemy flag: it will give you 10 points and remove 5 from the enemy.

Kill an enemy: give you a point.

to win: the first team that reaches 50 points wins.


The game mode is adventure, which increases the difficulty; since to break blocks you need a "stick" or a "pickaxe" and to break the flags a "shears".

also the map has its own economy; to see the money you have you must pause the game; will appear in the list of players.

With your money you can buy kits, blocks, land mines and other things, plus you can get items on the small islands.

map made by: Manny PE

Download: Mediafire

Published: 2019-02-03 15:40:47

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Creator: Manny PE

Downloads: 58

Tags: .mcworld

Category: Maps