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Christmas With The Villagers is an adventure map with a twist of easter-eggs (secrets) finding. You will find deep secrets of this map. If you are lucky to find secrets the reward are trophies that you will post on the Wall of Trophies. There are 6 easter-eggs hidden in the map, the last easter-egg is the most hidden and the hardest to find. Trophies consist of iron block (not rare), gold block (rare), diamond block (very rare), emerald block (the ultimate rarest trophy). Some easter-eggs are connected so if you can't do the first, you can't also do the second easter-egg. Not only easter-egg finding you can do on this map! There are buildings with cool features like the Castle, it is nothing inside (NOTHING INSIDE don't make a way to enter the castle you may find.....) but every night there are fireworks show! It even has a robot that will remind you that the show will start any second now! And much much more!

Download: Christmas With The Villager

Published: 2017-12-28 00:24:14

Updated: 2017-12-28 22:53:52

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Creator: Minecraft Villager News

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