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Ever wished that the fortune enchantment worked on iron and gold? Well, this addon may be for you! (Quick reminder: hammer is reusable, and put in a repeating command block , don’t use the "". Make sure the command block is in a ticking area, otherwise it won’t work if the chunks are loaded! Caution blocks can’t be blown up. road blocks, when below the block the player is standing on, will increase their speed for as long as a road block is present, this allows for pathways to be created that u can travel faster on.)

this addon adds roads for fast travel, flint blocks for decoration, caution blocks that can’t be blown up and can be made readily, steel blocks that look pretty, iron gravel which when broken, drops 1-4 crushed gravel, gold gravel that when broke, drops 1-3 crushed gold, and a block that drops a steel sword (this addon is compatible with other addons that edit the player! Like common sword addons)

The items added include crushed iron, which can be smelted into hot crushed iron. Crushed gold, which can be smelted into hot crushed gold. Steel sword, a sword made of steel. Grinding hammer, which is used to crush iron and gold ore into their gravel forms. Steel dust, which is crafted by surrounding hot crushed iron with 4 coal. Steel ingots that are made by smelting steel dust. Iron ingots made from smelting hot crushed iron, and gold ingots for smelting hot crushed gold.

Do not redistribute, copy, or make a video of my addon without linking this in the video description!

Download: clays_ingotsR.mcpack Download: clays_ingotsB.mcpack

Published: 2019-08-31 12:20:28

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Creator: Claysoldier007

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