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Command Quest is a map consisting of 10 Commands Related Puzzles. In this map, you have to solve each puzzles by entering or using in-game Minecarft's default commands to progress. Each levels varies its own rules so you don't have to worry about breaking the map.

In-game System:

Hints = Cost of 1xp to use each levels hints.
Solution = Cost of 2xp to know the exact commands to use in a level.
You will get 1xp every levels you finished as well as checkpoints.
Checkpoints = Automatically update the players spawnpoint.
Anti-Multiplayer= This map is only supposed to be played by a single player!
Anti-Cheat= Seriously, you can't cheat here.

Cheats = Cheats are the maps own cheats for it to make more fun to play! Will be unlocked on one of the level.
Achievements = Achievements are the extraordinary things you accomplished on some levels. Try to achieve them all to unlock new cheats.
Creators Note:

Hi guys! I made my new map as you already see. Hope you all like and enjoy it! Outlast:The Chase and Twelve Eve will get an update soon! Anyways. don't forget to follow me on my twitter: @mikkeeeyyyy29 for support and more stuff done by me :) , cya!

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Published: 2018-08-24 19:18:17

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Creator: mikkeeeyyyy

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