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■ Walker - Replaces ordinary zombie, slowed down, same health as before (20 points)
■ Runner - Replaces husk, faster, lesser health (15 points)

Melee Weapons:
■ Bowie Knife - Golden Sword
■ Baseball Bat - Wooden Sword
■ Crowbar - Stone Sword
■ Fire Axe - Iron Axe
■ Samurai Sword - Iron Sword
■ Chainsaw - Diamond Axe
■ Diamond Samurai Sword - Diamond Sword

Ranged Weapons:
■ Pistol - Bow, uses bullets (arrows)
■ Throwing Knife - Replaces snowball, same damage as stone sword
■ Rifle - Enderpearl, has cooldown, 14 damage

■ TNT - Takes longer to blow up, radius is far, causes fire.

■ Pistoleer - Replaces skeletons, uses pistols to shoot Zombies.
■ Dog - Idk why, replaces wither skeletons, uses throwing knives to throw at zombies.
■ Rifle woman - idk what to call her, replaces strays, uses Rifles to shoot at zombies.

How to Install:
1.Download from link
2.Open up a file explorer (recommended: ES) Go to downloads, extract .mcaddon from .zip
3.Tap on mcaddon, it should launch the game automatically, a message should appear, wait for import.
4.Make a new world, go to behavior packs and select on Crafting Dead PE, tap on the +


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