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Crown Mesa is from Minecraft storymode episode 7. I have built a similar copy in Minecraft bedrock edition. Have you ever wanted more freedom? Well this map will do just that.
Crown Mesa is through the redstone portal Jesse and the order go to defeat PAMA. The map has some specific places that all lay in a Mesa. Spawn, the entrance to Crown Mesa, PAMA’s core, and Harper’s Lab.

Some coordinates are

Spawn: 259 64 43

Entrance to Crown Mesa: 576 64 239

PAMA’s Core: 488 93 336

Harper’s Lab: 456 63 3

Some uses are exploration, adventure, freedom, hide & seek and murder mystery (there are some places to hide; hint, hint), and plain fun!!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind the new textures don’t match with mcsm. The classic textures are on the marketplace and free to download so put it on the world.

You may use this map in a video but credit and put link. Obviously don’t put this as your own. I worked on this for half a year.

Credit for Mesa Gravel Resource Pack: QMPRO

Download: Crown Mesa Map

Published: 2019-04-10 00:23:53

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