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Welcome to DeathRunAdventure! This is a death run map made by ItsMeBuilders that has a death run and 4 minigames. (Spleef, Slime Block Warriors, PvP, and Parkour. The PvP has a redstone/bubble columns way to get in and out and a high tower, with a one block water source to cushion your fall :). The parkour has a way to allow you to "perch" onto the top of the walls where you can PvP your friends of the top of the walls. For spleef you have a efficiency 100 diamond pickaxe to spleef your friends to the void. There is a reset button for spleef to reset the course. In Slime Block Warriors, you get a knockback V stick and jump down onto the slime platform and knock your opponent into the lava surrounding the slime block platform. The death run has 6 traps but the course is medium size. Please download the map and have fun! I hope you enjoy playing DeathRunAdventure!

Download: DeathRunAdventure.mcworld

Published: 2019-06-07 22:58:08

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Creator: ItsMeBuilders

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ItsMeBuilders / July 8, 2019 at 2:07 pm

Is anyone enjoying this map? Is there any problems?