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This pack allows low end devices to use 32x32 textures. With the release of 1.1 they made it so devices without a certain amount of available memory can't use 32x32 textures, there was a small backlash on twitter towards mojang and pack creators (an example would be people tweeting at the people that made the faithful for bedrock on mcpedl complaining that the textures are "blurry"), not many people have spoken about this since 1.1 until the release of which added education edition mode which made the textures on most phones go from 16x16 to 8x8 when enabled.

Change log:
•Added Support For Release 1.4.0
•Added Support For Beta
•Fixed Education Edition Mode (pack needs to be applied to the world it is enabled on)

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Published: 2018-05-04 14:14:51

Updated: 2018-05-20 16:52:24

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Creator: Vegerotto72

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Category: Texture Packs