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Brief Introduction:
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The Experiments Map is an office in which there is: a site where you will conduct experiments, a laboratory, a command post where you can control the site, interface and map.
_____New version 1.0.1_______________
•An updated list of commands
•Added "crest" function
•Added a new room
•Updated view spawn and a few new details updated in the office
•Fixed several bugs
•Updated presentation of the map on the web site
_____ New version 1.0.2_________
•fixed little bugs
______New Version: 1.0.3_______________
•New laboratory
•elaborated command posts
•Some things on the map have been completed
_________next update________________________
In the next update, I will add to laboratories command posts, and the design of the laboratory will be completed. Write a review about the map and updates as a whole. Also, come up with your ideas.

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Published: 2019-07-02 21:25:09

Updated: 2019-07-12 09:58:32

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