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This is an addon that makes explosions in game much more powerful. It also adds explosive effects and new textures to some items and mobs. There are many things that are changed to be made more explosive and dangerous.

Intensified: (these are now more powerful and they now create fire)

-TNT -TNT minecarts -ender crystals -lightning -fire charges -creeper's explosions

New: (these mobs/items now have new effects)

-llamas spit tnt -thrown eggs spawn creepers -fireworks now explode -thrown snowballs create fireworks -arrows now spawn end crystals

The cleric villager now has a new texture (a yellow robe). He now sells explosives. He spawns naturally in villages.


Published: 2018-06-06 08:10:02

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Creator: MattH44

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Tags: .mcaddon

Category: Addons