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Welcome to "Find The Button: Save Valentine's Day!" In this port of my PC map, there are 11 levels in which you have to find the button.

Cupid has lost his bow and he needs your help to collect parts for a new one, but you have to be fast, if you don't finish by 12 O'Clock, the evil spirit will take over this joyous day.

This map can be played with multiple people and is also recommended to be played with a mouse/keyboard or controller. Touch may be hard, but is still possible. (Has been tested.)

Note: Some buttons/areas will not be accessible if you don't activate the story in the given level.
Every button is possible! But may just be very tricky.
Have fun, and Happy Valentine's Day!

If you are going to play multiplayer, here is the resource pack! You still need to install it on singleplayer manually due to a bug. Both devices need to have the pack installed if playing multiplayer.

If you are recording this please put my YouTube and Twitter in the description:
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Thank you! :)

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Published: 2018-02-11 11:13:35

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