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This add-on allows you to enchant items with all available enchantments in one function without having to type it out one command at a time and using an anvil.

Type /function help to get started.

What's new:
- Healing Crystal
- Crystal Fragments that can be used to craft the healing crystal.
- Crafting recipe for the Crystal Fragments, 1 diamond to the left and 1 emerald to the right in your crafting table recipe. (Will not work in inventory crafting.)
- Shimmering Sin (sword) renamed to "Shimmering Red Velvet Rose"
- Custom sword now has an enchanted glow casted on it.
- Custom sword crafting recipe updated, use 2 glowing obsidian blocks and a stick.
- Glowing Obsidian now has its original name. (Red text was optional)

Side note: This modification will not work with joining players on your world, the only feature that will function properly is the sword, I am not sure if this is an issue on Minecraft's end or mine, but one way or another it will be fixed. Bright side, if you're the host of the world, the modification should work for you.

Previous update:
Added new crafting recipes!
- Bedrock
- Glowing obsidian
- Nether Reactor
- Saddle
- Trident
- Shimmering Sin (Custom sword)

Nether reactor = 3 diamonds down the middle, 6 iron ingots filling in the rest of the slots.
Glowing obsidian = 4 glowstone dust and 1 obsidian block.
Shimmering Sin = 2 emeralds, one stick.
{All other recipes can be found in the recipe book while skimming in the crafting table}

Download: Functions Advantage (Behavior Pack) Download: Functions Advantage (Resource Pack) Additional Creation

Published: 2019-06-27 00:09:13

Updated: 2019-07-23 08:32:12

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