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Herobrine is the most popular and the oldest myth in minecraft, some people think he's real even though it was proven that he was fake, but with this add-on, you'll experience what would it be like if herobrine was real, but can you survive this challenge?
Find a way to escape the curse!

How do i start?

The herobrine curse item is only available in creative mode for now, get one herobrine curse item and tap it on a block.


- Summons TNTs

- Herobrine Curse Activator Item

- Herobrine

- Creepy Sound Effects

- Burning Trees

Note: The curse do only function in survival. And dont forget to turn on Experimental Gameplay.

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Published: 2019-07-08 05:29:53

Updated: 2019-07-28 09:05:18

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Creator: JohnTriztanYT

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