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The Add-on may not work the first time so you'll have to try again!

+ Armor gives you a BONUS!!! (This is an inspired idea)
~Leather armor gives you 30 HP! (Health Points)
~ Iron armor gives you 40 HP and movement speed!
~ Gold armor gives you 50 HP and fast movement speed!
~ Diamond armor gives you 120 HP , increased attack damage and movement speed!

+ Skeletons NO longer wield a bow, they now wield an iron sword!

+ Wither skeletons NOW teleport!

+ Wither skeleton health has been reduced to 50 HP!

+ Bats are now hostile toward the player!

+ Wither skeletons shoot 5 arrows at once!

+ Fixed the renaming players!

+ Skeletons weild an iron sword!

+ Strays weild an iron sword!

+ Strays NOW teleport, and don't look at them, they don't like it.

+ Skeleton horses NO longer take fall damage!

+ Wither skeletons now only shoot 5 arrows at a time rather than 7!

+ Arrows NO longer have gravity affect to them!

+ Skeleton horses drop ENCHANTED APPLES! (AWESOME!)

+ FINALLY fixed the enderpearl bug! You can now teleport through your world without glitching through the walls and falling out of the world. Ender pearls also NO longer have a gravity affect to them!

Download: Minecraft 1.2.0.mcaddon Download: Backup Link

Published: 2017-10-03 11:20:44

Updated: 2017-12-01 10:38:05

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Creator: Spiritwalker716

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