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Ever been jealous of those PC Roleplayers? Not for long!

Introducing the K Goose Roleplay Addon! And addon made just for roleplayers

This addon provides anything you would need for a mcpe roleplay, custom npcs, cinematic blocks, custom items, hugging, and even shopping carts!

How to use:

Cinematic Blocks: place down a line of cinematic blocks, crouch, turn of gui, and hide your hand and walk through it, making a cinematic scene, you can also do it up to down 

Tip: when doing up to down, try to go in the little spaces,  so the parts of the camera dont get in your shot!

Hug: to hug get hugging arms and a hug, just search them up. Long press on the huggung arms,  go into 3rd person, and it should look like youre hugging!

Custom items: these replace the dyes, you cant do much with them but roleplay with them

Shopping Carts: place down a rail (i made them invisible) and place down a shopping cart, theres an empty one, and one with groceries!

Npc: Search up npc, and it should be there, place one down, now there are tons of customization items. To see all the shirts, search shirts, to see all the pants search pants,  and to see all the hair, search hair, to put them on just hold them and press "cusomize" or right click. Also there are custom clothes that replace the leather,  if you get tired of the other ones all you have to do is dye those and mix and match them. 

Ps:i tried to make the npc boy hair dyeable like the girl hair but i couldnt, sorry! Maybe in a future update. To dye the girl hair and the custom clothes, use a cauldron!

Npc dialogue: to edit the dialogue of the npc, get an npc dialogue editor and an anvil, put it in the anvil and name it what you want the npc to say, then insert dialogue into the npc

Thats all folks!

Download: First one is no texture pack no shaders, second one is with them

Published: 2018-11-26 19:30:54

Updated: 2018-12-02 14:45:31

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Creator: KawaiiGooseYT

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