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You are Breck….the bravest warrior in all of Diamond Village. Last night an angry group of mobs kidnapped the village Elder. The entire village is counting on you to save him!

To complete your adventure, you will need to obtain the best armor and weapons around. That’s where the villagers can really help you!

The Kidsource Simple Adventure is our first adventure map….and we decided to keep it simple! The story is easy to follow, the quests are easy to understand, and of course there is an epic boss fight at the end!

The Kidsource Simple Adventure map features:

- Easy to follow storyline

- 3 custom gaming areas including Diamond Village, The Mountain Cave, and the Mob Tower

- A simple series of quests leading up to an epic boss fight

- Sweet custom armor and weapons….including a hidden sword that is so epic I can’t even speak of it without weeping (wipes a single tear off my cheek)

Download: Kidsource Simple Adventure map

Published: 2017-08-26 19:35:14

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