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This pack was designed to take the feel of vanilla Minecraft Bedrock and improve upon that. In the pack you can find many elements of Minecraft Console Edition such as the controller tooltips and the raised hotbar, and Minecraft Java Edition, with the panorama and various textures on blocks. The pack just makes the game feel more in like with the Console and Java Editions so if you like thoses editions you'll love this pack. You can follow my twitter here:

New Features In Version 1.1.0:
-New Death Screen
-New Main Menu
-New "Disconnected" Screen
-New In Bed Screen
-Changed The Beacon UI To Be More Like The Console Edition
-Changed In Game Tooltips To Match Console Edition
-Changed The Background "Panorama"
-Added The Ability To Take Screenshots From The Pause Screen
-Added New Loading Screen Tips From The Console Edition
-Added Splash Texts From The Console Edition
These are just a few of the new features. You can find them all in the change log doc in the packs folder.


Published: 2018-05-08 06:37:39

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Creator: wildthegamer

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