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Mont Saint Ademar

Made by Fudds
Ported by mcdash1Playz

Mont Saint Ademar is a commune area found in the fields of Blaise. It was previously known as Mont Saint Marcel, but was changed to the brother's name when he took power, after Marcel's death. This new leader embraced the Amts ideology, accepting the previously oppressed people. The Amts grew in population, and it became the main religion in the area. A secret society grew under the noses of this new ruling, plotting to destroy the cathedral (now teaching the Amt religion) to return the commune to its previous glory.

Credits: The Java Edition version of this map (created by the original creator, Fudds) is much better than the ported version.

Original Map (Java Edition) Link:

World Download for Bedrock Edition:

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Published: 2018-08-07 03:03:28

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Creator: mcpedash

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