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This addon adds new variations of classic mobs to the game. These mobs spawn naturally and can also appear if you use spawn eggs. This mod currently features two new types of zombies (speedy zombie and big zombie), husk and drowned mobs that correspond to these new types of zombies, four new types of skeletons (zombie summoner, fire-bomb shooter, fast-shooter and dark-bomb shooter), two new types of wither skeleton (big wither skeleton and huge wither skeleton), a new type of silverfish (fast silverfish), a new type of creeper (fire creeper), a new type of enderman (small enderman), new types of witches, new types of ghasts, and new types of blazes. This mod also ensures that mechanics that would be expected in the new mods to be present. For example, the new zombies can transform into the new types of drowned mobs if they are left underwater (and the new types of husk can transform into the new types of zombies if left underwater) and fire creepers will explode correctly when lit with flint and steel. My website, is the official web page for my add-on and might soon have an official wiki for this addon on it. Let me know in the comments below what changes should be made to the mobs that I currently added in this mod and if there are any mobs that you are wanting to be added in particular.

Download: More Monsters - Minecraft Add-On

Published: 2019-01-13 20:02:10

Updated: 2019-03-12 01:24:53

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