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This Addon adds the Mutant Zombie Boss BASED ON the zombie from the PC Mod Mutant Creatures . I would like to give thanks to thehippomaster21 for the zombie’s inspiration. If you are not already aware of the Mutant Zombie, it is basically a beefed up version of a normal zombie with 150 health. It has many abilities which include smashing the ground for area damage, throwing enemies into the air and smashing them down, calling for backup in the form of several zombie minions, and even resurrecting itself. However, due to the current limitations of Minecraft Bedrock Addons, I was unable to implement the ground smashing attacks, throw attacks, or resurrection .(I still haven't gave up :) ) Have fun with this new Boss!

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Published: 2019-08-31 12:17:21

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Creator: devDrone

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