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Are you sick of hackers spawning in item on your realm or world? are you tired of them summoning hacked op swords? do you want a quick and easy fix? With this texture pack it remove the crafting grid that is both in the inventory as well as the crafting table itself, this stops hackers from spawning items in on realms and multiplayer worlds

Hello and Welcome to my Third addon,This is a working anti cheat for minecraftr. If you need any help with it or are having any issues feel free to ask me in my discord server: Make sure to follow/ subscribe on all my social media :

enjoy my third addon and leave Your comments and suggestions below

Download: .zip (xbox,PE Download) Download: .mcpack (wiindows 10 download)

Published: 2019-08-31 12:10:45

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Creator: Unleashed PredZ

Downloads: 204

Tags: .mcpack

Category: Addons