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This texture pack aims to recreate the design which existed back in the alpha version of Minecraft. It’s a much brighter theme of colors and also sounds have been replaced with the old ones. Perhaps some of you want to experience how Minecraft looked like in the early days. This pack will take you on a nostalgic trip back to the year of 2010.

Changelog: Updated for 1.4 support.

Some may perhaps prefer the older look while some may use it to experience it!

I would like to credit 2XMM2 for the original pack for the Java Edition, and the original creator of the game, Notch! If it wouldn't have been for them, this pack obviously wouldn't exist!
Original Post:

It's recommended that you restart the game for all the textures and features to load properly!

I hope you all enjoy the pack and have fun!

Download: NostalgiaCraft_Alpha_PE_1.4.X_UPDATE.mcpack

Published: 2018-06-09 14:51:34

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Creator: MasterlazorX

Downloads: 79

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Category: Texture Packs