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Love Parkour? Love CTM Maps? Well, here it is! Another map made by SpankyMC! This time... in PE/Windows 10! It's a 16 stage parkour map where you have to complete the victory monument to beat this adventurous map! Depending on your skill level, this map can be quite simple but yet, also very raging! Will you take on the concrete? Will you complete the monument?

If you get stuck, just do /kill
If you are going to play in multiplayer, download the Resource Pack. In single player, it is installed automatically.
Every jump is possible! But just may be tricky. c:

If you are recording please put this in your description of the video:
Map Creator:
Map Download: (Link to this Page.)

Download: Click to Download Defeat the Concrete Download: Click to Download Resource Pack

Published: 2017-09-06 13:38:21

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Creator: SpankyMC

Downloads: 202

Tags: .mcworld .mctemplate .mcpack .mcaddon

Category: Maps