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Prestigeis a PvE Map Made by me NbyKingMarcus also known as Drxp. Since there isn't a thumbnail you may be wondering why should I download this? Well... It has quality any PvE or PvP player would look for. It is in it's early stages but so am I. I'd suggest it to others but maybe I'm saying that only because I'm the creator. Anyways the main goal is to reach prestige level. The map is small for now and is designed with a ranking system under it. When you reach a new rank you get extra xp to boost you. The last rank is 8 which is level 70. When you reach it try buying the netherstar reward to show your friends you've completed the game.

How to play:

The left button is where you'd wanna go first. There contains the shop. There are weapons that you can't unlock as you are level 0. So get the wooden sword because it's free. Head back to the hub and go to the right button.

The right button is the spider spawner. Kill a spider or two to level up. When you hit rank 1 you get a boost of xp. So keep going till you reach Rank 2.

When you reach Rank 2 leather armor should be available. So head back to the store and buy it. A stone sword is available at 15 xp. Why no golden apples? Makes the game very easy. Needs to be fun and challenging to enjoy or else you'd get bored quicker than you already are reading this.


1 - 1xp

2 - 10xp

3 - 20xp

4 - 30xp

5 - 40xp

6 - 50xp

7 (Prestige) - 60xp

Store cost:

Stone sword=15xp

Iron sword=25xp


Diamond sword=50xp

Leather tunic=10xp

Iron chestplate=30xp

Shovel(Special): This is a jetpack for 60xp

Evocation Rod: 30xp

Level 25 Spider Boss

When you reach level 25. Everytime you step on the spawner it will spawner a regular spider effected with regeneration. It'll be quite hard or easy to kill but I haven't tried myself.

6 - 8 Players Max

Download: Zip.

Published: 2018-10-08 21:00:58

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Creator: NbyKingDrxp

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