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I set a category as a skin, but because I needed a URL to download skin pack, I set it as addons.

I added a neck to the skins

I confirmed the operation on the iPad

Skinpack Ver 1.0.0
Minecraft Ver 1.8.1

I made it a simple skins!
There are 9 kinds of skins currently. (Blue, red, green)

(Skins will be added more and more with future updates)

man1(Blue) 1-2(Red) 1-3(Green)

man2(Blue) 2-2(Red) 2-3(Green)

man3(Blue) 3-2(Red) 3-3(Green)

【Operation tested】
Minecraft 1.8.1 / Android
Minecraft 1.8.1 / iPad

( I am using Google Translate
I am sorry if it was badly translated )

Download: Simple Skinpack Ver1.0.1

Published: 2019-02-04 21:49:24

Updated: 2019-02-05 22:13:51

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