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SkyGrid is a renowned frustrating and challenging survival map created by SethBling. The background of the map is simple - you live in a huge grid located in the sky! The goal of this map is the same as regular Minecraft survival - survive, build and defeat the dragon. Obviously, if you like hardcore challenges, this survival map is perfect for you since you may have to do a lot of parkour.

1. Never leave the grid
2. Do not cheat (Common examples of cheating: use creative mode, /give, /gamerule, /weather, /time set)

Original Java map - by Sethbling and Agent M
Ported to Bedrock Edition by FantasticToast
Java counterpart -

The map uses the blocks up to Java 1.12
The Bedrock counterpart also has the end portal way below the spawn point and the nether grid form

Download: MCWORLD Link:

Published: 2018-08-14 22:09:27

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Creator: FantasticToast

Downloads: 95

Tags: Custom Terrain .mcworld

Category: Maps