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Most powerful and dangerous add-on with contain several changes including
-more player health
-cursed arrows (be careful of skeletons) bow will be a powerful weapon
-gaint creepers with a bigger explosion
-gaint horses (more useful ,jump higher )
-secret new powerful zombies it have a chance of spawn using eggs (fast,dont burn from sun light)
-resources are more easier to obtain (more chance to find useful items in chests)
-shulkers can summon vex by hiting you
-strong snow golem (still frendly)
-dangerous blazes with cloning power
-(wither diamond sword)
and more Download
how to download from

Download: Behaviour pack (only)

Published: 2017-11-19 14:09:09

Updated: 2017-12-04 20:04:58

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Creator: Nziom

Downloads: 171

Tags: Custom Terrain .mcaddon

Category: Addons