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This resource pack (maybe later Add-on) will add things from Star Wars (some things are new), but now it have only 8 items for now (really really small). More items/blocks I will add soon. (you can write in commments what items should I add)


Version 1.0:
Diamond sword -> Lightsaber
Bow -> Blaster
Crossbow -> Blaster v2
Arrow -> Blaster charge
Diamond -> Crystal
Emerald -> E-Credit (texture only)
Stick (name -> same, texture -> different)
Flint -> Thermal charge (only texture)


Snapshot 1.0.1 (SCRP fix):
- E-Credit have name
- Crystal have fixed name (I made a mistake that I found in file that changes texts)
- New game title
- Arrow (entity) have blaster charge texture
- Trident -> Z6 riot control baton (it will be long development)
+ who wants uncompleted version of SCRP, just write me on


Snapshot 1.0.2
- Wooden sword -> White Lightsaber
- Stone sword -> Purple Lightsaber (looks very similar to Blue Lightsaber)
- Iron sword -> Blue Lightsaber (looks very similar to Purple Lightsaber)
- Gold sword -> Yellow Lightsaber

Download: starcraft pack 1.0 (resource).mcpack Download: StarCraft Snapshot 1.0.2.mcpack

Published: 2019-04-06 17:01:49

Updated: 2019-04-14 18:30:15

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