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This map is a remake of the Steve & Alex house which was originally built on the Xbox One Edition but has now been ported to the Bedrock Edition. Steve & Alex was a long running series on YouTube made by a well-known youtuber known as NitrolukeDX. Unfortunately, though the Steve & Alex series no longer exists as Nitro has now stopped Minecraft videos altogether and moved onto doing Fortnite videos for his channel. But for people who are still fans of Steve & Alex this map is for you so you can now explore the house for yourself, you can start your own Steve & Alex Series through this map and even find three of the easter eggs that I’ve carefully hidden throughout the house so good luck in finding all of them and I hope you enjoy the map.
Note: I’m sorry if the water and the cauldrons look a bit ugly this map was worked on round the time update aquatic first came out but everything else should be just fine.
Creator: M4ster Chief380
Helped by: InfraRed Games, pgtipps, Samster2855
Mods used: Custom Music by BONY434445, Helper Addon by Gona, Boyfriend Addon by Fallen Gotham, Decoration Addon by ROBERTGAMER69 & FNAF Friends Addon by CHEETE

Download: Download Here

Published: 2018-11-12 18:38:08

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Creator: M4ster Chief380

Downloads: 86

Tags: .mcworld .mcaddon

Category: Maps