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Hello! This addon adda a new mob to the game called steve. You can find the spawn egg just by searching steve in creative inventory. Steve will wander in the plains biome with an axe and wont attack unless provoked. You need experimental mode on to use addon, if you're making a youtube video, give link to this addon! you may contact me: if you have any questions. Do not give any link besides the cubified one! Big thanks to SpookyGhostMade for critical bug fixes and a thanks to codanraigen for letting me use his animations although im using default ones.

Download: STEVETASTIC2.mcpack

Published: 2018-11-01 21:56:06

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Creator: GameFanatic25K

Downloads: 102

Tags: .mcaddon

Category: Addons

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GameFanatic25K / December 26, 2018 at 5:47 pm

rename from .mcpack to .mcaddon, doesnt matter anyways cuz it doesnt work in latest 1.8 or 1.9.03... download only if your stuck on 1.8 beta, releasing new version of this soon!