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Walker – Replaces normal zombie, no longer burns in day light, slowed down, same health (20 points)
Runner – Replaces husk zombie, fast, rarely leaps at player (bug), less health (15 points)

Melee Weapons

Baseball Bat – Wooden Sword
Crowbar – Stone Sword
Fire Axe – Iron Axe
Samurai Sword – Diamond Sword
The sprites and ideas for the melee weapons were all obviously taken away from the original mod, the sprites are custom, but are based on the high-resolution original sprites.

Ranged Weapons (Guns)

Pistol – Replaces bow, uses bullets (Arrows)
Throwing Knife – I LOVE this one, it replaces the snowball. And deals 5 damage (Stone Sword Atk Damage)
Rifle – My favorite! It replaces the ender pearl, and is really accurate (try turning on the pc crossfire) It has a cooldown.
None of the ranged weapons were taken from the original. “That’s IT!?” I hear you saying. But with addons you can only replace current items…There’s nothing we can do about that.

Download: Mcaddon

Published: 2018-06-06 08:24:52

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