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Brief Introduction:

Have You Ever Wanted To Play TheCraftingDead PC ModPack Well Here You Go This Addon Makes It To Where You Can Play The Crafting Dead In Minecraft Bedrock Edition (REMINDER) This Is Only Beta (WIP)


There Are New Mobs, New Items, New Weapons, New Foods, And More To Come. Here Are Some Pictures And Details On Some Of The Items And Mobs


•Walkers, Scientists, Hazmat Worker, Flesh Eater, Soldier, Runner, Cop, Etc.

•Spawn In The Overworld In Survival/Creative

•Drops Flesh

•Walks In The Day/Runs At Night (Not All Zombies)

•Gives Effects To Player When Attacking (Not All Zombies)


•Green Loot (Rare), Red Loot (Common), White Loot (Common), Blue Loot (Rare)

•Spawns In The Overworld In Creative/Survival

•Drops:Weapons, Food, Items, Drinks,Chainsaws And More

•Bandages Give Effects When Used (Other Healing Items Aswell)

•Melee Weapons Don’t Break By The Way But I Hope To Update That Soon But There Are Lots Of Them From Chainsaws To Axes To Golf Clubs And More


•Spawns In Creative Only

•Small Tower (Adding More Soon)

•Just To Make The Game A Little More Real But Still A Work In Progress Sorry


•Get Them From Loot Drop’s In Game

•Some Give Special Effects

•Lets Me Know If Their Are Any Bugs Please And What I Should Add To The Addon To Make It Better Also Yes I Know GUNS That Will Be Added Soon.

Minecraft versions support: 1.12

Installation details:

Make Sure Your On Minecraft Bedrock Edition Or Java Edition To Play This

Also Make Sure Your Playing On The Minecraft 1.12 Or Lower Versions Only

Download: Download Now

Published: 2019-08-31 12:18:05

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Creator: FakeFrosty

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