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The Illusion of Terror is a scary custom horror map made with advanced command block systems and custom textures & sounds.

It's not a very long map, but definitely scary!


You decide to visit an old friend of yours, since he doesn't answer phone calls or texts. As you enter the house, you realise something isn't right, as blood is spread everywhere. Your main goal is to get to the bathroom, but as you advance through the map things get creepier and creepier.


-This map is Multiplayer Compatible, but it is recommended to play alone
-The map may fail to import, or import without the resource pack applied, as the map is 250MB (contains high quality custom sounds)! If that happens, delete the map and import it again. If the texture packs aren't apply, make sure you apply them.
-The map is only compatible with versions 1.2 and up

Download link:

Download: Download Map (250MB)

Published: 2017-08-31 01:00:18

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Creator: Vladu11

Downloads: 611

Tags: .mcworld

Category: Maps