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This Addon Is About A New Book At My School That I’m Actually Going To Publish! It Probably Gives You A Sneak Peek On What It’s About. It Has A Dimension Called Warlands Where God Zombie Soren Lives That Replaces The End! This Addon Isn’t Fully Done Though. There Are Still Features That Needs To Be Added In The Future. Also There Are More Mobs Than 3 Because As You Can Tell, It Has 3 Images Of 3 Mobs But I Don’t Have Enough Time. It Also Has Weapons, Armor, Items And Food.
Changelog Features:
Added The Other Side Of Warlands (Replaces The Nether)
Added Hammend (Putty)

Download: The_Mask_Of_Power_Addon_Official_Ultimate_Release_Not_Finished_Yet.mcaddon

Published: 2019-06-30 22:57:01

Updated: 2019-07-04 13:52:38

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Creator: lord11sheeps

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