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In this unfair map, we have already made two teams that are Team Blue and Team Red, depending on which gender you are. In this unfair map, the level will also change by the gender of the team, so make the map even more unfair. In the end of the race, if your team is the first team to finish your area of the map, you need to wait for a new match until another team finishes theirs, that is really unfair unless they can pass the challenge, or you may need to wait for over an hour. This map also sets your game mode which is not changeable, it also means you cannot cheat the map without creating another mode. Anyway good luck and finish the map. We want to hear your first result to compare with each other by contacting me on Twitter, Discord, or YouTube any social media that can contact me and give us some detailed feedback on this map. Then we can fix it and make it even harder next time.

Download: Download Unfair Boy VS Girl

Published: 2019-04-26 21:12:22

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Creator: ItsDominicPlays

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