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Union Islands is one of the largest maps of Minecraft ever made in history, it's an incredibly country in the minecraft !!

The Map is a true work of art

Yes, that's right, a complete Country within minecraft !!

With buildings, homes, streets, shops, offices, beaches, neighborhoods, like a real-life country !!

The map was not created by us, but we are posting here with a request from the creator himself


Lentebriesje - Custom Tree Repository

Jeracraft - Custom Brushes for World Painter

CG777 - References for Electrical Supply System

Jon "IGPixelIce" - Interior Design Ideas

Developers of World Edit, World Painter, and MC Edit

Invalid Group, CybertraxMC and Cookmefood for Their Support

-Give all credits to the map creators

-The map is very large with 230 MB

-There may be bugs if your PC is weak

Enjoy this incredible map !!

Download: Union Islands

Published: 2019-04-28 21:16:38

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Creator: StarBlock

Downloads: 24

Tags: .mcworld

Category: Maps