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In association with Unity Entertainment Productions
© 2018 Unity Entertainment Productions
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Addon Founder: Nightwalkerlots
Twitter- @Lastofthesorrow
Insta- nightwalker_lots

Credits, Intended Use, & Copyright:

In collaboration with mod authors WavePlayz, DragOnD, Keyyard and Jujustyle7 (More Add-ons will be merged into this one in the future). Any collaboration offers, complaints, or suggestions you have, please email

This Addon is owned by Unity Entertainment Productions™. DO NOT attempt to edit, change, or tamper with any files or assets in the Useful Nether Quartz Addon. The contents of this addon are organized specifically to work on Mobile and XboxOne.
We are not responsible for any damage done to devices installed with this addon. We are not responsible for anything that happens
during the unintended and/or inappropriate use of this Minecraft Addon. Please use this addon at your own risk.
Separate download links will be available for your device on the Unity Entertainment Website (Home/Downloads/Minecraft add-ons).
This addon is in the alpha version so some features might seem incomplete, or may not work completely as intended. Updates and Bugfixes will be made frequently by the Unity Entertainment Modding Team. Report bugs or give suggestions here,

Addon Details, Features, and Planned Features:

Nether Quartz has no use outside of crafting recipes, so I decided to start making this addon. While using this addon, you'll now notice that Nether Quartz are now much more valuable. It is an ore after all. All mobs introduced in the add-on do not replace any mobs currently in Minecraft (Be sure to have experimental gameplay enabled). The download link will go to the Unity Entertainment Website, where you can see live updates for this addon. Follow @ominous_deicide on twitter to be notified on details and updates. If you want other add-ons to be implemented with the theme of more Nether Quart Uses, or if you're a mod author wanting to collaborate and merge your work within this add-on, then email me...

Features (As of V-0.3.2):
(Requires Minecraft Bedrock 1.8 or higher)

Zombie Pigman Follower
-Tamable with Nether Quart Blocks
-Will automatically attack all monster mobs
-Regular/Tamed pigman no longer broadcast anger
-Does not wonder and will follow you closely when tamed
-AI designed by @Lastofthesorrow
-Are semi-invulnerable
-keeps creepers away
-keeps phantoms away
-Will come with you through the Nether Portal
-Can hold items for you once tamed (27 slots)
-You can trade regular quartz with Untamed Zombie Pigman in exchange for a gold nugget (walk up to them and interact with quartz in hand)
-Will let you borrow a golden nugget to turn a melon slice into a Glycerin melon slice (walk up to them and interact with a melon slice in hand)
-Has a chance to spawn with armor
-Untamed Pigman will drop gold Ingots if you have looting

-Added "Quart Blocks" in most of the trading recipes
-All trades are now themed around the villager variant
-Changed trades entirely in some villagers

Zombie/Skeleton Horses
-Now spawn naturally in the overworld
-Can be tamed
-Is now ridable
-Can now be equipped with equipment
-Heal Skeleton Horses with bone meal
-Heal Zombie Horses with rotten flesh

-80 Health
-Better attack AI
-Much harder to kill
-Now has a chance to drop diamonds and Phantom Membrane

Iron Golems
-Can be healed by Nether Quartz
-Are tamable by Nether Quart Blocks
-Once tamed, are almost unkillable
-No longer try to attack zombie pigman

Other small changes
-Enchanto Potions now gives you a lot more XP (A random tweak for testing purposes, figured a few people might like this if I leave it in)
-Shulkers now drop more shells and are affected by looting
-Phantoms now drop more shells and are affected by looting
-Can trade quartz with Enderman in exchange for ender pearls (walk up to them and interact with quartz in hand)
-Use Quartz Blocks to conduct magic and command sheep to yield white wool (Trade quartz blocks for wool)

*Download link associated with "" we will find safer, cleaner ways to monetize the download link in the future

*Addon updates will be forwarded to the downloads available at the Unity Website, so be sure to read the text file for features not covered on
"Readme.txt will be included in versions 0.2.5 and higher

Known Bugs:
-Flying away from your tamed Zombie Pigman can cause him to lose track of you... Best to go on foot
-Changes and tweeks to vanilla mobs in this add-on may overwrite some things in other add-ons
-File size is super compressed to make this huge add-on mobile friendly

Download: Unity Entertainment Website

Published: 2018-12-23 15:09:25

Updated: 2019-01-27 17:03:51

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