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This Is The Most Chaotic Addon You Ever Seen! This Will Make You Run Away From The Titans And Then You Get Stomped On XD!

Edited The Textures Of The Ultima Blade.
Added The Wither Skeleton Titan.
More Updates Coming Soon!

To Make The Ultima Blade More Powerful, Get The Following Enchantments:
Sharpness V (5)
Knockback II (2)
Fire Apsect II (2)
Looting III (3)
Mending I (1)
Unbreaking III (3)

Changelog 2:
Added Lord Sauron With Special Abilitys!
Much Much Much Much Much Much Much Much More Updates Coming Soon!

Changelog 3:
Creeper Titan’s Ranged Attack Has Been Fixed.

More Updates Coming Soon! Still Not Done Yet!

Download: Witherzilla_Addon_Showcase.mcaddon

Published: 2019-02-06 23:53:47

Updated: 2019-02-16 17:55:34

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Creator: lord11sheeps

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lord11sheeps / February 7, 2019 at 4:37 pm

This Is My First Addon!